Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things I've learned in 2011

Things I've learned in 2011:

1. Some  All of the time, new boots make up for a craptastic week.

2. Those cheesy quotes seen floating around the Internet, or else painted on a previously unimportant piece of driftwood, or offered by someone who has no idea what to say to you once you've just delivered word vomit? Guess what? A lot of the time they are true and of great value. i.e.:
                                                              Pinned Image

3. Don't waste your time watching the news....seriously it is depressing and if you need a hit of current events THAT bad, follow all the important media outlets on twitter and only click the on the links once you have taken a seat and are prepared to see tragedy.

4. Munchkin laughter can cure anything

5. an iPhone is the ONLY phone.  Other companies should just cut their losses and move on.

6. The only playlist you will ever need to workout to again is teetotally fo free, yo.  It's called "Girl Talk" and the Album is "All Day" and it is the BEST!  Try it.
Sure it has hmmm...a bit of profanity, but anybody who can provide mashups featuring Black Sabbath/Ludacris/Cali Swag District/Jane's Addiction/M.I.A./Dorrough/The Doors and many more and manage to make it a great beat that doesn't sound like its crammed together = genius in my world!! Check it out:
Sample it here:

download it here:
it isn't illegal just the website he chose i suppose. Just make sure you take your iPod off shuffle because it is meant to be listened to in the order in which it is downloaded.

7. It is sometimes necessary to "Cut them out".  I hate to say it, but people can be down right mean and all together drama queens.  The most vicious of these people are those you once counted as friends.  I don't mean cut them out in the mafia sense (make them sleep with the fishes) nor in the gangsta terminology (take a baseball bat to their knees) and no not even in the Redneck Ninja way (random trailer park trash transformed into ninja stars).  I just mean that sometimes distance is the best route.  I've learned this the hard way over the past 2 years.  Someone who cuts you down is not your friend.......that and I'm almost 30 and too old.  Save the drama fo yo mama.

8. There are somethings in life that are worth the money:
                   -adequate virus protection on your computer
                   - paying some random person in India to fix computer when said computer virus disables entire
                   - a Kindle. seriously.
                   - the good paint at Lowe's
                   - a good pair of running shoes (if not your feet will pay for it later)
                   - a night out to cut loose and dance to your heart's content (use sparingly as your old ass will be
                     paying for it more than your wallet will)

9. I am a terrible gift giver.  TERRIBLE!!!!  Once in a blue moon inspiration will hit and I will draw tears,
    but, more often than not, I quite suck at it.

10. Advice from one source is stupid.  I have something of a Round Table.  I listen attentively to others'
      perspective and then arrive at my own opinion.  Sometimes people have ulterior motives, and sometimes
      they just have plain old bad advice.  Always best to pick a couple of brains.  Having said all that, it
     should be known that I have the greatest group of confidants there ever was.

11. Having all the laundry done can be more gratifying than sex

12. Good sex can change your perspective on shit.

13. Find an older relative.  Listen to their stories.  That is the story of how you came to be.

14.  Be kind.

15. Albus Dumbledore is the smartest man to have ever lived.  Use his quotes daily.

16. Everything starts as an idea in somebody's head.  A toy reindeer that poops jellybeans was once just
      some random soul's dream, now it is a reality that shits sits in my kitchen.

17. I ramble

18. Keep on.  Tragedy will strike and the unthinkable will happen. But you must keep on living and growing.

19.  I am never too old to learn.  Sarsaparilla!  That's my New Year's Resolution: to learn something new
       each day!!!

20. New Year's Resolutions are lame

21.  Don't EVER say, "I will never do that". Trust me, I've eaten crow quite a few times this year.

22.  There isn't much that a good book or friend and fine box of wine can't solve.

23. It is perfectly acceptable to look back and say, "Damn I was stupid...10 years ago, 5 months ago,
      1 hour ago or 12 items ago"

24. Tell those you love how much they mean to you because one day you won't have the easy opportunity.
       Not morbidly (read death) but because it is too late, or they lost cell service, or they don't have the time
       to hear it, or they are in a foreign country or well.....because they are dead. (oops back to being  

25. Pinterest is just as good as actually DOING a craft.

26. Hug your children every day.  There are people who would gladly take your place.

27. It is perfectly OK to take time to recharge your batteries.  Trust me.  I haven't done this enough and
      now I know better

28. Sometimes the best thing to do is just sit back, wait for it to pass and laugh.

29. I'm too old to stay up and watch the ball drop.  I think New Year's is lame.  Maybe I will pick up the
      habit again when Ryan is as old as Dick Clark but for now, I'm taking my glass of wine and my Kindle
      and snuggling my old ass up in bed.