Sunday, November 13, 2011

Framin' my Favorite Danglin' (s)

Ooooh Shiny!!  Instead of just using my collection as a one-at-the-time decoration hanging from my lobes, I made something that makes them art in my bathroom when they aren't in use (plus I no longer have to sift through tangled earrings!).  And the earrings that I love that have lost their mate can still be admired!

Oh-so fancy and SIMPLE!!

Step 1:  Find a frame -preferably one with some character but any will do.  I found this one at a Antique store for $5 and all I did was clean it up a bit, but the possibilities are endless - paint it or embellish with a hot glue gun and some bling or ribbon.

Step 2:  get some screen from a hardware store.  I think I got a small roll for like $2.  Be sure to get a durable metal mesh so that it will last.

Step 3: cut screen with wire cutters or some serious shears.  Make sure it is big enough to cover the opening and give you room to staple to the back of the frame.

Step 4: Staple screen to back of frame.  Pull it tight and staple at small intervals to avoid sagging.

Step 5: Display it.  Hang your new earring holder on the wall and hang earring hooks through the screen!

So simple and only takes just a few minutes to make! And it's so cheap, yet fancy, it makes a great Christmas present!

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