Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's hard out there for a Southpaw

It's that time again! The glorious day when all us Southpaws can raise our our hands and high five all you righties' faces (I kid, I kid)! Happy National Left Hander's Day!

Growing up a lefty, things weren't easy on the streets. It's hard out there for a lefty in a righty's world. EVERYTHING is designed for those with the "right" stuff: desks, doors, scissors (this still plagues me), computers, necklace clasps, guitars, golf clubs.....I could go on and on. Point is you righties just don't know how good you've got it.

Attempt after attempt has been foiled by my Southpaw dominance. I tried to learn tennis (one sport in which the equipment is neutral) but I had to reverse everything that was being taught to me! I wanted to take up golf - good luck finding a cheap set of lefties (website just for lefty golf supplies). Yet even after scoring a super cheap (read free) set, it was nearly impossible to learn due to the fact I had only right handed hot shots to teach me. And yes, still maintianing that it was hand dominance and not lack of hand-eye coordination that played in the biggest role in these epic failures. Guitar, sucked it up - I'm just trying to learn right handed. It even proved difficult as co-captain of the danceline in highschool...well difficult to those righties who had to suffer through my backwards left geared routines. Abuse of power? Probably.

So August 13th is our day! You can have all the rest. Yes this world is designed for those of a dominate right, but just remember that we are smarter and more creative than you - just look at the stats! We've got DiVinci, Einstein, Michelangelo and Hendrix on our side!

Ta-Ta for now! And just for today, throw that peace sign with your left hand!

Peace out - the Southpaw White Chick!
(and for any typos - deal with it I was typing on my iPhone, jury is still out whether it's intended just for righties!)


  1. I know you did not throw out "I was Co-Captain of Danceline". As for iPhone difficulties...damn your stupid iPhone! I love you sissypants!

  2. Such a fun post. My dad is a leftie. I always hoped one of my five kids would be a leftie too. :0)

    Visiting from VB

  3. I was a leftie until Catholic school broke me of the "habit" but I still am inclined to use my left even after all these years. And yes, I am with you... the Iphone is for right handers!
    Stopping by from VB!

  4. Liz - it was a necessity for the overall creative purpose! Shut it righty! Today is my day!

    Elisabeth - thank you! I'm sure your Dad can relate! 5 kids = I bow to you!

  5. Jaqueline - the world always tries to reform us! My mom used to try to put the fork in my right hand. Left-handedness was once viewed as some sort of sinister possession. Madre may have been on to something ;)

  6. My husband and sister are both left handed. When my husband lived in England for 2 years as an adult, he was amazed at how much he was ridiculed for being a lefty. I found it was great because we can sit next to eachother at the dinner table and hold hands while we eat!

    Visiting from voiceBoks
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  7. I love this post!! Although I am technically a rightie I think as a left handed person! My right and left are compelty comfused and honestly mean noting to me. I always thought I was droped form another planet till I was diagnosed as dyslexic at 14. So even though I'm not offcial I'm celebrating anyway!!! What a great site! Visiting from voiceBoks!!

  8. Yay for LEFTIES!!!! I had no idea today was our day. Better reason to devour this peach cobbler that I'm staring at! Celebration time! Oh, I come from a family of golfers. The pros actually tell us LEFTIES to play with right-handed clubs. It gives us an advantage... for once! I played Field Hockey in HS and college and supposedly I had a huge advantage too. New follower!!! Love your background pic! Visiting from VB

  9. I wonder if my mother knew it was National Left Handers Day?... I'll have to share with her! She's always reminding me of how life is harder for lefties!

    The Smile Conquest Day 52 Awareness, Acceptance

  10. Hi there! I'm stopping by from voiceBoks. I have 6 kids...3 are righties and 3 are lefties. Neither my husband or I are lefties. I don't know how that happens!

  11. Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I will promptly join VB and follow each of you in return! Remember, next time you see a lefty cutting something, help them out! It can count as your random act of kindness.

  12. Visiting from VB as well. I can imagine things would be harder as a lefty! But at least you are all cooler than us righties ;)

  13. Cute post! My son is a leftie. In baseball he was always switching back and forth between batting left or right. It was so frustrating for him. I am stopping by from the Voiceboks community. ~ Angela,

  14. There's a few lefties sprinkled in our family and they have complained about the same kind of stuff. On the upside, you guys are supposed to be smarter and better at math and music. :) Love your blog. So glad I found it from VoiceBoks.

  15. My daughter is left handed! You got that righ ton the creativity. She has always done so much! And at times it is hard and frustrating for her too and hard for us to teach her some things =/ Because we are right handed but she is doing wll despite our right handedness! =)

    She loves guitar and I didn't even think about right or left hand when we ordered it and surprised her with a guitar. But she is doing well and says for her playing the guitar it's ok anyway! =)

    From voiceBoks =)

    Arizona Girls blog

  16. great post...I'm a fellow southpaw...though I've seem to adapt better...I played paino, and did art--most peple who have known me for years are shocked when I say I'm a southpaw =)
    Stopping in with vB =)


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