Saturday, November 12, 2011

Accessories - for me or my home?

I love jewelry.  Not the super expensive fancy kind, cheap things will do just fine.  Unusual and special finds are my favorite and I have accumulated quite a few.  The thing I do not like about all of my jewelry, is that I can't wear it all everyday without looking like a spaz.  So now I have discovered ways that allow my fabulous finds to be displayed and admired on a daily basis. 

First is the adorable Jewelry Tree I found at TJ Maxx for about $13 bucks! Not only is it functional and a quick place to place the pieces I wear more often, but I love seeing it on my dresser!

hanging on my jewelTree is my single most favorite piece of jewelry!  See I wanted some Mom jewelry - but not yo Mama's Mom jewelry.  After searching for a very long time, I finally found something that fit both my style and budget (see other post regarding my frugality).

I found it at The Vintage Pearl - which has tons of other fabulous finds! The crescent moon is hand stamped with "I love you to the moon & back" - something my daughter and I have always said to each other (little dude is starting to get the hang of it), and the disc is hand stamped with the names of both of my children.  I added the 2 birthstone crystals.  Hands down my favorite thing!
From now on, I try to avoid stuffing my baubles into the jewelry box.  Accessories for me and my home!!


  1. I love this bird! Was it sold has a jewelry holder or did you make it into one?

  2. And it looks like something your dear sister would love! Hint, hint!

  3. well i suppose it could have been anything the time i was looking for something for my jewelry so i saw a jewelTree....hmmmm.

  4. I love that! I also love that you can see your jewelry! Of course so could my daughter and that would be a problem!! I love your favorite piece, I like mom jewelry that is a little different too, and the hand stamped ones are becoming my favorite as well! Great to see you back on VoiceBoks!

  5. Thanks Kathy! Check out the other blog I just posted for displaying earrings. And I love the hand stamped pieces - so special!


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