Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thanks for the Nut

Funny how one little word can change the game.  There are the obvious ones: War, Hate, Love, Death.  Then there are the everyday ones, the ones in which we just consider the implications of that one word.  We don't really think about the word itself.  Yes, No, Sure, Positive, Me and, my personal favorite - the one that isn't actually a word but holds so much meaning, ummmm.  Of course its all in the context in which these words are used that gives them their strength.  In fact, most of these words contain the most power when used in a responsive scenario. 

Will you marry me? "Yes"
Will you marry me? "No"
Can you help me on Saturday? "Sure" (knowing i was planning on staying in my jammies until at least 4 pm)
What does it say? "Positive"
Who made this big mess? "Me" (trying to dodge this question is a speciality of my munchkins)
Well what are we going to do since this pregnancy test says positive? "ummmmmmmm"

Each of these words hold a mighty weight. Words are powerful; treat them with indifference and they will sneak up on you like a dog and bite you on the buttocks.  At times when I'm forced to think of the meaning behind them, I gain appreciation for even the most mundane words.  Today, that mundane word is hamburger.

The word hamburger has never really held any particular interest for me.  Sure I've said it, when ordering pizza, contributing ideas for a cook out, requesting hubcap make a stop by the WD - and all those times I never paid it any thought at all. But just the other day with the utterance of that word, my life was suddenly in upheaval and I had to catch my breath.  That stupid word slapped me in the face.

As with all words, the context is important so here goes the contextualization:
I asked my Babygirl which kind of kid's meal she wanted from Wendy's.  It was a night after a long day and I was not stepping foot in that damned kitchen, well except to get milk, and some napkins, and to put a couple of glasses in the dishwasher, oh and to prep things for dinner for tomorrow....well I had made up my mind that I wasn't going to cook at any rate.  We rarely eat fast food, not just because most of it is terrible for you but mainly because I am a downright tightwad, so the munchkins always get excited.  My little girl, after a moment's consideration, looks at me with her big greenish-blue eyes and utters one word "Hamburger".  "What did you say?", I ask because I am hoping that I misheard her, alas there it is again, "I want a hamburger".  World seems to be shifting, though I don't feel the full implications until after the mad-dash-daily-supper-bath-books-teethies-love-kisses-night-night-more-kisses routine is completed. 

She used to say "hambooger".  It was so cute and even when she tried to say it the right way, the only thing that changed was that the "ooo" was more emphasized.  All the other little words started to rush in my head and pretty soon I was overwhelmed. When she was thirsty she would say, "Mama, I'm drinky".  There were so many times when we would be playing and I was acting silly that she would say, "You are a crazy worman".  So why does stupid hamburger have me so bothered?  Because it is the last one.  Oh, she will still call me a crazy worman every once in a while because she knows it makes me laugh, but hambooger was the last one that occurred naturally, without intention of being funny.  I should be thankful she isn't marching into the school cafeteria and yelling out that she wants to eat a hambooger. And I am.  But mainly I'm in shock because these past five and a half years have gone by so quickly and I have just felt the whiplash.

That devil of a word "hamburger" also raised so many questions.  How much longer will she call me in to give her extra kisses, even though I have basically smothered her with the previous fifteen smooches? How many more times will she call for me, only to "forget" what she called me for?  Just the other day she found a pecan (say it the Georgia way emphasis on the can or stop reading my blog :) ) at recess and saved it in her pocket all day.  When I picked her up from school she said that she saw it and thought of me (appropriate because she called it a nut, emphasis on the nut).  She told me how she had kept it safe all day in her little jean skirt pocket and was so proud when she gave it to me.  How many more times will she harbor an illegal nut for her crazy worman of a Mama? 

Our time with our children is fleeting. I know that pretty soon she will be in those dreadful teenage years and the words that come out of her mouth will devastate me for much different reasons.  Now on, when I get aggravated because we are standing there staring at each other because she has forgotten what was so important that she had to call my name 15 times, I'm going to say "hamburger".  And when I go in her room to kiss her one last time goodnight, the one that is just for me when she is already dreaming of frogs (you just have to know this kid), I'm going to lean down and whisper in her ear, "Thanks for the nut".


  1. I feel bad for yelling at my kids to Go TO SLEEEP!!!

  2. That is simply beautiful. I read this as my son is telling me to come work with him on the couch. so, now I am putting the computer down to read with him. Good night :)

  3. Seeing as how my once-little-one is headed off to Kindergarten tomorrow, I totally sympathize with this post. I don't know how much long her's going to want "letters" scribbled on his back before he goes to sleep, or wants to hand me some plastic animal to remember him during the day. And yet, he can argue like an adult. Ah, our little people...

    Gina from vB

  4. My 21 month old used to want me by her side till she fell asleep. But the other day, she told me, "Mamee goooo (pointing to the door)! Andi shleep."
    I was crushed.

    Janie from vB

  5. You stop it, now! I have just gotten over the fact that my kids are getting older and I may no longer hear my son say "bargatoot" sauce instead of barbecue sauce, and then I run into this. Just kidding. It's adorable, and all the little issues that word raised are important. Hambooger. I also love the "More Ghetto" route. Ha!

    Visiting you from vB :)


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